Saturday, 6 August 2011

Dinner Don'ts

I'm sitting in a posh restaurant. The people next to me have had a gorgeous meal: steak, new potatoes, green salad, wine, dessert...... Now the girl is sitting there on her iPhone, completely ignorning her date/boyfriend/partner/husband, whatever. Sereiously, she's not even looked up for 10 minutes. Hasn't spoken a word to him. To me, that's poor ettiquite. Very rude. Have we become so attached to our toys that we can't leave them at home, or at least in our bags, when we go out?

Now, I know I'm sitting in the same restaurant, having had a truly gorgeous rosotto, working on my iPad. But I'm alone. I'm not ignoring anyone! In fact, you lot are my psudo dinner partners. So not the same thing.

The really sad part? Her date doesn't seem put out! He's accepting it as normal.

Wrong. Just wrong.


Veronica said...

Oh, sorry, wasn't listening. On my phone and laptop! LOL

Adele said...


Helena said...

It's becoming so normal to pull out a phone and send a text in the middle of a conversation now. It struck me the other day- I don't even apologize for it anymore. Or if I do, it isn't with any real regret. And that bothers me.

Lana Bisson said...

I agree.. My hubby - we are in our late 40s.. he will be 50 soon has fallen victim to the tech stuff.. I snap and say..eyes here.. It reminds me of when the kids were hooked on giga pets... remember those?

I just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog hop and hopping around on the paper issues dt blogs. Thank you for the compliments. I hope to see you around..

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