Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Culture Shock

Well... maybe 'shock' isn't quite such a good word. But culture difference, definitely. As I was walking around campus today, I was noticing all the couples. Now, it's not that there are no couples on campuses in England. That's just silly! Of course there are. But the display is different. The couples at Essex and Sheffield (and I would guess the same is true at most other Universities around the world) are together for fun. These couples are dating for keeps. Hmm.... how to explain. I'm not sure what the 'seen but not noticed' (Harold Garfinkle) attributes are, but the couples around BYU's campus are visibly courting. They are actively seeking a permanent relationship with the purpouse of marriage and starting a family. This is obviously a result of the ideological theology (which I agree with, mind!) taught by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Other couples are not displaying the same things. It's just interesting. I can tell by looking at these couples that they've got a different purpouse. I wonder what the 'seen but not noticed' things are!

Monday, 16 February 2009


Well, normally I celebrate Singles Awareness Day on 14 February. This year, however, I had a Victory! A date for Valentine's Day! Around 2.30 in the afternoon I got a text from him saying 'Be dressed and ready to go at 6.30.' Umm.... ok. 'Dressed how? Ready for what?' The reply, 'Dressed . . . and ready.' Ok. 'Skirt or Trousers?' 'Skirt.' Well, that's a t least a little more information. 'Dance or Warm?' 'Classy.' Ooooh. Ok. So I wore my charcoal grey tailored skirt, white blouse and long wool jumper. Black and white. And where did we go? To a production of Romeo and Juliette up at the University of Utah! A very lovely Valentine's Day treat. He actually really likes Shakespeare. The night before we'd watched Much Adu About Nothing. And his favourite is King Leare. A fabulous dancer, academic and Shakespeare fan?!? Wow! How lucky can one girl get? It was almost more fun watching him laugh at the jokes than it was watching the show. And I like Shakespeare! Anyway, it was a great Valentine's Day.

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Photographic Evidence

Ok, I've finally got my computer functioning (I'd lost the power cable) so I can upload the photos.

Really short video of me sliding.

Monday, 9 February 2009

Bumps and Bruises

I had so much fun this weekend! I got to go down the Luge Run over at the Utah Olympic Park. You know those insane people you watch on the Olympics? The ones who go zipping down the mountain side on their backs, inches above the ice? Yeah. That was me! And it rocked. I can't think of when I've had more fun (as much, maybe, but more? Well..... that's going to be tough). It was so much fun. You get up to the top of the hill, and then lie down on your back, on top of these two rails attached by a hammock...... and hang on for dear life! We started off at Curve 12, which is only 3 curves from the bottom. That meant we weren't going overly fast. Sure, fast enough, but nothing insane. It was taking us around 19 seconds to make it from there to the bottom. In fact, I got through my first run and asked, 'How can I go faster?!?' (Yes, those of you who know me particularly well already saw that coming. But it's true! That's what I wanted to know!) Most of the 'go faster' stuff was 'get a skintight suit, good shoes, etc...' which obviously I couldn't do. But I could do the 'point your toes' bit. So I did. Yep. Sped things right up! After two runs on curve 12, we moved up to 'Tourist' which gave you a couple extra curves.... and a more speed. I went from just over 19 seconds to just over 14 seconds! Oooooh baby was that awesome! And I did brilliantly. I didn't hit the walls or anything. Until the last run. Yep. Totally bounced off both the walls. Repeatedly, just coming out of the last turn! I soooooooo should have been fine. But I must have overcompensated a bit too much, which sent me into the one wall, which is what set of the chain reaction of wall wall wall wall wall wall wall.... to the point where I couldn't sit up and grab the wall when I'd finished the run. And that's sort of a problem! Because you don't end up at the 'bottom' of the track. In fact, the 'Low Point' is half way between the last curve and the end of the track. They have to send you back uphill for a bit to slow you down! Now, obviously those of us doing this intro thing weren't going quite fast enough to really need that uphill, but the pros do! Anyway, it means, as soon as you get close to stopping, you've got to grab the wall, other wise you end up sliding backwards. For a long ways. And that's what I ended up doing. So I just hung out on the sled, going backwards! The guy who helps you climb out is standing there saying, 'Just hold on. You'll stop in a minute. And then you'll go forward, just let it go forward. And now you'll go backwards a bit again. Ok, now you can grab the wall.' Anyway, slowed me way down, obviously, but it was still fun. However it left me with some serious bruising! They're quite colourful today! I photographed them on Sunday so that I wouldn't miss them. But they're still pretty awesome today. Slightly green, but mostly still purple. My ..... not sure what to call him. He's not boyfriend... yet... but you know what I mean. Anyway, him. He said, 'Don't show those to people! They're going to think I did it to you!!'

p.s. -- Things are still going well with him.

Monday, 2 February 2009


Ok, I know. I've been pretty pathetic in the photo posting arena. My excuse? I think it's a pretty good one. I've been dating! Yeah. Me. And it's wonderful. Funnily enough, it's not the same as the guy I posted about last week. It's a different guy. Guy #1? Haven't even thought about him since Wednesday. Guy #2? I've seen him every day since Wednesday. And in fact, I saw him last Monday, too! So, the only day last week I didn't see him was Tuesday. He's also a swing dancer. Yeah, you can sort of see the trend. Met him back over the Exchange weekend. He got my number then, and had given me the details about a couple of different dance nights (mostly blues nights) that I hadn't been able to attend... until last Monday. The reason I didn't go to the Saturday one? Yeah... out on that other date. Apparently I ought to have gone to the dance night! Never mind. It was good for me to get a date from guy #1. Anyway, unbeknownst to guy #2 (Sorry, for now I'm not giving out names. We'll see later.) his neighbour is one of my good friends from back when I was dancing at BYU. The neighbour was also at the dance night on Monday. And the neighbour told me (Friday) that the whole way home all he heard about was how awesome I was. How wonderful it was to have a really good dancer in the area. Especially such a hot one! (Wow! Me? Hot? *blush* Thanks! And a good dancer?!? *double blush* Well, I try! Some days are better than others.) After the dance on Monday we'd stood around in the freezing cold car park and chatted for . . . an hour? Something like that! And before we went our separate ways I was told, 'Next time you're up in Salt Lake, let me know, and we'll go do something.' Ummm.... Ok! :-D That was Monday. And in actual fact, I was up in SLC on Tuesday, but I thought I'd best leave it a day. So I was back up on Wednesday night, and sent him a text to the effect of 'Hey, I'm up in Salt Lake tonight.' To which I got the reply of 'Ok... want to go get dinner?' Yes. I definitely wanted to go get dinner! Then he had the unfortunate problem of having lost his keys (on Sunday!) so could I possibly drive?!? Umm... sure. No problem. So he gave me his address.

{Interjection. I've got to tell you this story to be able to tell you the next part of that story.}

I went to the Young Single Adult Ward in PG, where I'm living. And it was horrible! Everyone was really young. Like 18-25. Yeah, I kept thinking, 'I'm teaching you lot!' So I arranged with my very good friend Brittany to attend her ward up in Holladay (part of Salt Lake). It's part of this cool pilot programme where there are 3 wards who all have their own organisation, but things like Family Home Evening Groups and Activities are all organised between all 3 wards. So you get to interact with a wider pool of YSAs. And, every 2nd Sunday of the month all 3 wards are combined into one large unit. It's pretty awesome.

{Interjection over.}

So he gave me his address. And I was looking at it thinking, that's got to be out by Brittany's house. I'm sure it's near her! And when I arrived at the address??? Not only was it near Brittany's flat, it was in the same complex! He's actually in one of the other wards that's part of that big YSA Ward thing! Anyway, that was funny.

We went to dinner, and it was really good (Indian! Yeay!! I love Indian.) and we had a ball. And we just sort of chatted for a couple hours. It was possibly the best first date I've ever been on. Actually, I may just revise that statement. It was the best first date I've ever been on. Nothing awkward or difficult. Just fun and light hearted. Definitely full of laughter. You ask him a question, and you're not going to get the 'right' answer first. He's really quick with coming up with a random (and very ridiculous) answer. Like when I asked him where he worked, he said 'The Magic 8 Ball factory. I write the little messages that pop up,' without even blinking. *Insert Eye-Roll Here* Yeah, I didn't believe him! (He's an archeology student, and he works at the museum up at the Uni, getting exhibits ready to display.)

Anyway, let's just say that the date went well. As did the next night. And the night after that. And the night after that. And last night.... (for those of you counting, yes, that's every night since Wednesday!) And I have high hopes for tonight. *grin*

Right. So that's my excuse for why I haven't gotten a photo taken of that blue dress! I've been just a bit preoccupied with other things. But I will get a photo, I promise! (I wore it again on Friday. To a very appreciative audience!)