Thursday, 7 February 2008

In Decision

Yesterday I got a marvelously flattering email from my former professor at BYU. Cynthia (said prof) has received permission to take a study leave for January Term of 2009. She was asked if she had anyone to recommend as a replacement. She recommended me! I was originally offered the whole of the calendar year for 2009, but I declined that invitation as being just a bit too long for my current situation as PhD student. They then offered me just the one term, but this was all on a very supposing-if sort of term. I said that yes, I'd be willing to consider teaching at BYU for the one term. I then did not hear anything about it. That was back in October. I'd seen the job posted on Linguist List, so figured they had found someone either fully qualified, or at least willing to take the whole year, not just one term. So yesterday, when I got a formal official offer to take Cynthia's classes, I was very surprised. In fact, I emitted just the smallest yelp. Poor Claire (housemate) thought something tragic had happened. It's a wonderful opportunity, and very flattering to be nominated for the position, not just hear about it and get a job I've applied for. However, it requires a decision be made.

On the one hand, it is a fabulous oportunity to build my CV. Academia is highly competitive, so anything that says, 'Look how cool I am' will be hughely helpful navigating the post PhD application minefield. Also, my adviser, Rebecca, thinks that not only am I capable, and not only do I deserve a chance like this, but as she's going to be on study leave that term as well, it wouldn't even really affect my supervision. She's all in favour of me taking the term out.

However, I've really put some roots down. This is the first time I've strugled with the thought of being somewhere else for a while. Partly it's that I'm only going to be away for 4 months. You'd think that would make it easier. But it doesn't. I'll put my life here on hold, go away, and have to pick back up here. Now to a large degree that's not such a huge problem. Claire's still going to be my housemate, and Jenny still my best friend, and Rebecca still my adviser. But what about my church responsibilities? I've just been called into the Young Women's Presidency (1st Counceler). That's not something I can put down and pick up. And on the flip side, what about the time I'm over there. Of course I won't live in isolation. I'll have to make friends, or I'll be terribly lonely. Forutnately a few of my friends from my BYU days are still kicking about. That'll make my life sweeter. And there's always the alure of really good Swing Dancing to be had nearly every night of the week. But 4 months is not very long! And, of course, there's the problem of where am I going to live? How am I going to commute? I don't want to live in Student digs there. Just don't think that would be appropriate. But I don't have a car in Utah (or in the States at all!) so I'll need to be relatively close. Eeeek! So much to think about. And I have to make a decision soon.

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Gardner Family said...

I am totally in favor of you taking the position! What an amazing opportunity?!?! And you can meet Ben and we could hang out!! Heck - maybe I'd even join in on a little swing dancing with you?!?! Good luck on your decision!