Friday, 24 October 2008

Blisters and the London Balboa Festival

Since I've been lecturing on Mondays at Queen Mary's, I've been sticking around to dance at the 100 Club, in London. This Monday I danced harder than usual, apparently. First, I was absolutely soaked clear through. It was much worse than usual. And it wasn't the only indicator of unusually vigorous dancing. I actually put blisters on both feet. At that point, I quit dancing for the night. I had several really great dances, which is clearly why I ended up dancing myself into blisters. And it wouldn't be a problem in a normal week. This, however, is not a normal week. Tonight I'm off to London for the London Balboa Festival. It's my favourite dance weekend of the whole year. It sort of started yesterday, with a 'pre' dance. But officially, it starts this evening, with a social dance. Then, tomorrow bright and 'early' (no earlier than 10 am. We are Swing Dancers, after all. And a Swing Dancer is naturally a dirunal creature) we start in with classes. Then, we take a break around half five in the evening, and start back in for another evening of social dancing. At the end of the social dance, there's an 'after' party. That probably won't end till some rediculous time, like 4 in the morning! Then, Sunday bright and even (relatively) earlier (read, same time.... but 4 am is a rough time to get home!) it's back to the school room for more classes. And another break for everyone to get all gussied up, for the formal dance to end the weekend. It's a wonderful weekend. Just not maybe what my blistered feet need! Never mind. I'll survive.

Therefore, anyone looking to hear from me is going to be disapointed until at least Monday. But, as I'm not coming home til after dancing Monday night, there's probably not going to much of a chance for me to do anything until Tuesday. And even then, I'm probably not going to be too coherent until sometime Tuesday afternoon . . . or maybe even Wednesday! Enjoy your weekend!

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