Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Blogging By Naomi

Its April and I Naomi West am Adele's guest!!! (by the way...I am an English lady who is from the same English Stake (IPSWICH) as Adele)
I spent my first few days at General Conference with the Germans! (Sonja, Christian, Rene, Rike and fact half of the German Choir)

and managed to go into all sessions, except for the Priesthood session, obviously!

Monday Adele had to teach so I went to BYU with her and explored the campus. I also managed to have a tour of the music department and saw what they have to offer. Whist listening to the Orchestra (which was amazing) I saw Abby Pentreath!!
The choir rehearsal was a personal favourite of mine. Such a great sound with fantastic diction and timbre!

I then met up with MARC MATTHEWS! It has been 2 years since we have seen eachother. He took me to lunch at Cafe Rio. It was really good food and great company.
Then the BRITs got together for a brief moment in time...Ben Twigger, Dan Kim (honorary Brit) and Abby. We popped to see Adele too, so there were 5 people from our stake in the same place at BYU at one time!

Adele doesn't teach on Tuesday so we hit the slopes at Solitude. It was my first time on the slopes and with a Snowboard in my hand was a little nervous but very excited. The mountains are SO beautiful.

We started on the baby slope, up on the chair life which was a little scary getting off!! I fell over!

But did get the hang of it eventually, that doesn't mean I didn't fall over anymore though!!! My deriere is extremely tender this morning! LOL! But it was worth every bruise!

Once I got the hang of it I loved it! We had a great lunch and then hit the slopes a few more times before being completely cream crackered!

Then home to relax in the sun!!!
Then after dinner we showered, I got in my PJ's and we headed to Pleasant Grove where we stay with Adele's Aunt and Uncle but wee had a random call from Ben LaFevre and Cameron and his brother. So we went to see them. And we had a malt!

All in all having a wonderful time. Off to Seattle tomorrow!!!!

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Coila said...

Oh, what fun! I like the guest blogger thing, Deel. :)