Wednesday, 20 January 2010

It Made My Day!

So, totally geeking out here.  I've been using Ubuntu, which is a Linix OS, for about 3 months now.  And yesterday I got to prove to myself, yet again, that it totally rocks.  I needed to strip the audio track off some DVDs that I'm transcribing.  Now, I totally did not know how to do that at the beginning of the day.  But I have friends in high places!  In this case, J, who works at Google.  Yeah.  Google.  Score!  Actually, I started off talking to his wife, Coi, who is no slouch in the tech department.  She got me going, but we ran into a problem, so J came on to sort it out proper.  So, J walked me through the process of stripping the audio file, and it worked!  And I managed to then go back and do the whole thing on my own 7 more times!  Yeay!  That's not the bit that made my day, though.  After walking me through the process, J changed his GChat status to 'omg.  surrounded by hot linux hacker grrls!'  IMMD!


Gardner Family said...

Ok - not to sound like a total nerd...but what does it mean to strip audio? Sounds kinky...just kidding....Seriously though...explain please to the not so smart one...:)

Adele said...

Rather than downloading the whole video, image and audio, I only downloaded the audio file.