Friday, 11 June 2010

A Proper Update! (Sort Of)

Oooooh boy! It's been AGES, I know. I'm rubbish. I'm sorry! But, my life has seriously taken a turn for the insane. And, you know me.... that's saying something. Between flitting between countries (4! In 3 weeks!!!) and volcanic ash and visitors and flying standby.... it's been crazy. But. I'm home. For a while. Although, my mom's arrived now, and we'll be in and out a bit, so... stay tuned for further disruptions.

However, I just got back from Ireland. Yes, Ireland. So, that means that I've been to the US, Spain and Ireland (Northern and Republic) in the past 3 weeks. And, obviously, home to England. It's been an absolutely non-stop few weeks. But, I really kind of needed the faster paced life for a while. Too much time inside my own head for a while. Not a good thing. I had a fabulous time in Ireland with Jessie in Cavin and with the O'Toole's (Yes, that really is their name!) in Galway. And my own wanderings through hill and dale (and neolithic burial mound and geological sites, too!) I'm working on getting the photos (from both the Ireland and the Spain trips, actually) all uploaded and sorted into an online album. As soon as I do, I'll post a link here, and those who want to see the evidence of my insanity may do so.

Ok, that's as much of an update as you're getting for the time being. I've just got so much to get done right now! Running behind schedule. As usual.

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