Sunday, 14 November 2010

Evaporation; Not Just for Liquids!

I've been trying to put my flat together for a couple weeks now.  And, honestly, I've been doing a pretty fair job.  A couple of things have been on hold, though, because the IKEA loft bed that I bought, with attached desk, under the loft, didn't have screws with the desk part.  Or, at least, I couldn't find any.  It's possible, I suppose, that I tossed the screws when I got rid of the packaging.  But, I did try and locate them before I decluttered.  Never saw them.  Nor a hint of them.  So I made a trip down South (IKEA is at the extreme South end of the valley, and I'm at the North) to get them.  No problem.  The attendant went straight back to the spare parts area to locate the missing bits.  And she found them.... well, most of them.  She couldn't locate one screw, of which I needed two.  So so put in a request and had them shipped to my house directly.  That was back on Thursday of last week.  Fast forward to this Friday.  The screws appeared in my postbox!  Yeay!  Now I can complete my desk, right? 


I go up to my flat, open the package, take the screws out and put them with the other screws, in a Ziploc plastic baggie.  I vividly remember doing this.  I set them down and went to find the screwdriver.  Come back, get the desk bits out..... and the screws have evaporated!  *poof*  Gone.  Seriously.  I took the flat apart looking for them.  I put the flat back together, looking for them.  I've searched for TWO SOLID DAYS for them.  I. Cannot. Find. These. Screws.  (Yes, yes, I know I've always had a few screws loose.  But these ones are missing all together!)

Lois said she'd come help me search on Monday.  Seriously, I really doubt she'll find them.  I've searched every surface, every drawer, every box.  I've even checked the rubbish.  TWICE!  I've looked in all the obvious spots, and started looking in some really strange ones; the dishwasher, the fridge, the bathroom cupboards.... just on the off chance that I wasn't paying attention to what was in my hands.  I have no idea what has happened to these screws!  It's making me crazy.  And, on top of that, it's keeping me from finishing getting my things settled.  I can't set up my office til I get the desk squared away!


KatieLarson said...

That is horrible about the screws. I hate that feeling when you have just lost something. Did you check your pockets? Obvious, I know but sometimes it is really where they were. Like when I misplace my glasses, on my head.

Where in the Valley are you living?

Veronica said...

You are determined to keep those screws LOOSE! Ha!
I bet if I were there, I would find them! Seriously. That's what I do!

Adele said...

Vee-- then why the heck haven't you popped in?!? ;)

Jody said...

What a crazy story!!!
You know you will find them, AFTER you get more sent to you...
I wanted to personally thank you for being a part of the lovely album our friend Jamie put together.
I look at it constantly and can't believe the kindness of "strangers" :)
Thank you Adele!

Adele said...

Aaaw, Jody, it was nothing! We just love you and wanted to do something to help you and your BRAVE GIRL through yet another scary ordeal. {{{hugs}}}

charli said...

I hate when this happens! Usually it turns up, but it sounds like you can kiss those screws good bye! ps I found my phone in the towel closet once.

Adele said...

LOL! Charlene... I've found the strangest things in my freezer before!