Monday, 28 March 2011

I Love Denver In the Spring (or Ode to I-70)

Mile High Blues was this weekend!  Wooo hoo!  Loved seeing my dance friends again.  Hadn't seen many of them since I left Utah in 2009 to go back to England.  Was wonderful to reconnect.  And had a fantastic time dancing til the wee small hours of the morning.  The best blues is always around 3 am.  Ended up with some mild trauma driving home, though.  Oh, and by "home" I really mean campus, to teach!  I still haven't been to my place.  Won't get there til sometime after 7 this evening.  But, I-70 was a solid wall of snow from Denver to Grand Junction.  Took us 3 extra hours to drive it, since we could only go between 25 and 45 MPH the whole way.  Not fun.  And even at that, we ended up spinning out, doing a 180 in the road!  Fortunately we were going really slow, so we didn't have any problems.  Just a bit of excitement.  And it was the best possible location.  Flat area, no cliff, no traffic... as perfect a spinout as you could have.  We didn't even leave the road!  We just basically spun around to face the other way.  Seems like I always have this trouble driving home from Mile High Blues.  Must be trying to tell me something.... like I should stay in Denver with the awesome dancing.


Veronica said...

Glad you arrived safely "home." ;-)

Gardner Family said...

Glad you are safe!

I heart Colorado. It has special memories for me. That is where I met Dan. :) I would love to move there one day. I am enjoying Cali. But I really miss snow......except for spin outs of course. ;)