Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Frantically Searching

My bird got out today. He didn't mean to. He's just not very good at this whole flying thing. He was trying to find me (I was in the kitchen and he was in the lounge) and just as he came fluttering around the corner I opened the kitchen door to take the recycling out. He missed my shoulder and all the sudden didn't have anywhere else to land. So here I am watching as he keeps getting higher and higher, flying further and further away. I know he didn't mean to escape. He thinks he's a people! (Or maybe better said, he thinks we're birds.) He was just looking for the rest of his flock, and isn't very skilled in the flying department. He doesn't understand enough about the mechanics of flying to know that if he just turned around, he'd come straight back, after all, he'd never had a long enough run to try turning around and going back in mid flight. And he doesn't understand enough about navigation to get back to where he started. Up until this point his world consisted of the four rooms in the downstairs of the house. I'm sure he's out there frightened and cold (it's well below freezing tonight) and not sure what to do about it. I just hope (and pray and pray and pray) he's found somewhere warm to settle down for the night and that he lands on someone's shoulder tomorrow, as they get ready to go off to work, or come back from taking the kids off to school. I did deliver nearly 100 fliers today, so most of the community in the area he's most likely to have landed in knows what's going on. I even put up posters at the pub and the co-op. Everyone's been so lovely as I've knocked on their door to request their help in finding him. I'm just so afraid I'll never see him again, or that even if I do, he will have caught something, and won't survive. I feel so guilty and so miserable. My consolation is that Lois' bird got lost in November, wandered into a neighbour's house the next day, and 3 days later was reunited with Lois and Steve. So, it's not impossible that he'll make his way home. Everyone's prayers for his safe return are welcome.


Heather said...

Oh Adele! I hope he's fine. I'll be praying for your little friend. Our cockatiel got away from us (this was when I was a teenager), and believe it or not, he flew to the bishop's house. (He was much happier there, and they loved him, and my mother was tired of him nibbling the edges of our books, so there he stayed, to everybody's mutual satisfaction). I'm hoping for the best!

littlemithi said...

Oh Noes! Hope he is well and found soon ... hope you are not too upset. Have to keep your spirits up - send out good energy so he can feel it and follow it home :)

Coila said...

:( Sorry, 'Deel. I hope he comes home soon.