Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Quiet Moments

Today was an unusually gorgeous summers day. I decided to take some of my reading outside, rather than waste the precious hours of sun. Reading is typically a very quiet activity. Particularly when the sun's lulling you into a state of drowsy summer simmer. You know, that sleepy slightly sweaty state that you can find yourself in? When your brain just can't quite turn over enough to even cogitate moving out of the sun? That's the state I found myself in when I suddenly realised, I had a visitor in my garden. Not 5 feet away a brave blackbird had come seeking dinner. So I held still, but there's a difference in holding still because you're not moving, and holding still because you're watching something. My visitor sensed this, and looked up. We made eye contact. He stood there looking at me, then cocked his head and chirped. In fact, he chirped at me for a couple minutes. Not sure what he was telling me about, probably asking why I'd not put out the food recently. I've been lax about putting the bird seed out recently. Anyway, after his monologue, he flew off, and I got up and came inside. It's nearly time for Young Womens anyway.


M & M said...

Hmmm...Maybe he was trying to show you the key buried in the dirt so you could unlock the secret garden? I always wished I had an "estate" large enough to make a secret garden, complete with lock and key, and a little robin to show me the way. :)

Coila said...

Sounds like a lovely summer afternoon. :D