Friday, 15 August 2008

Feeling Fit and Fabulous

You may (or may not) remember that back in March I joined a gym, and was going to start getting more exercise back in my life. Well, then I went off to Morocco, and then there was this and there was that other excuse . . . and I finally said enough. I'm going to get in there. So I did something really wild and crazy. I bought time with a personal trainer. It's been brilliant! Seriously, if you're struggling to get the habit, if you can afford it, even for a few weeks, or even once/month, do it. I've learned so much about doing exercises better. I've also actually progressed with my weights training. That's such a first for me! I'm now doing more than I was when I started, and feeling it less! It's wonderful. I still feel pretty exhausted by the routine, so it's not that I need to do more, but my muscles don't just ache for 3 days after. I need to get in gear and push myself more on my cardio routine. I only do weights with my PTer. Cardio is on my own. I've been doing it, but only half hearted. I need to throw myself into it like I have with the weights. But I'm feeling so much better!


Gardner Family said...

Getting a personal trainer was the best thing I did for my work out regime and health! Yah for you! As soon as the baby is popped out, I am signing right back up with a personal trainer! Yippeee can't wait!

I remember the first time I did strength training with a personal trainer. I had done the same exercise on the machine millions of times before. But, I wasn't doing it right. I felt muscles I didn't know that I had!

Coila said...

Hmm. I keep thinking once I hit my target weight (which I'm actually making progress toward now! :D), I'll go in and work on getting stronger. But maybe I can switch it up: weight training one day and cardio the next. I try to go every day, so that wouldn't be too tough or mess with the weight loss plan much. .

Adele said...

I've always been taught that you should alternate cardio stuff with strength stuff. You'll improve both better, and lose the weight faster, and look better when you do lose the weight, because the muscles will be all toned and lovely.