Tuesday, 18 November 2008

The name's Potter... Harry Potter.

Did I get your attention? Well, I hope so. Friday I had a fabulous evening involving Dinner and a Movie. How, you might ask, does that involve Harry Potter? Well . . . the dinner was held at Pembroke College, Cambridge. It was found in 1347 by Marie de St Pol, Countess of Pembroke. The dinner was held in the main hall, and seriously . . . it felt like we'd been transported into the Hall at Hogwarts. It was beautiful! And even more fun for me not knowing we'd be going!

Ok . . . let me start at the beginning. Sometime last week (Sunday? Monday? Something like that) I got a message from the Stake YSA Rep, Naomi, asking if I'd be interested in having a posh dinner in Cambridge, then going to see the new 007 movie, Quantum of Solace. Ummm . . . what's not to like?!? Of course I said yes. So I invited Sara (the American girl from my previous posts) to come along. All I knew was we were supposed to dress up like Bond Girls (insofar as our LDS Dress Standards Permit) and the dinner would be at 7.15. So, I dug out my posh formals, and dressed up! It was great fun. When we arrived, we discovered that Pembroke College was hosting a formal dinner, and Dan (one of the Cambridge YSAs) is a student there, so had managed to get us all invited. How cool is that? So we ended up having a fabulous dinner. The dessert was so good, but we'd had so much fabulous food, none of us finished it. Tragic, eh? Anyway, we learned all the traditional student games played at dinners: coining a drink (if a coin gets tossed into your drink, you have to guzzle it straight down), coining a dessert (same sort of thing, coin gets tossed into someone's dessert, and they have to eat it without hands) ridiculous toast making . . . Obviously the drunker you are, the more fun it is. Well, theoretically. We sober few managed to have a marvelous time, though!

A few photos from the evening:

After our delightful dinner, we headed over to the cinema for the movie. I liked it. It wasn't my favourite 007. I really prefer the old ones. Especially as you never get to see him getting his new gadgets since Q died. But . . . it was certainly action packed. There's even some Spanish in it, and it was fun to listen to it and compare it to the translations. Bits of it take place in Bolivia, and it reminded me of Chile. Chile's a lot nicer (not nearly so scruffy), but there were elements of Chile in there. Anyway, if you like an action movie, then you'll like Quantum of Solace. So, the combination of the location of the dinner, plus being dressed up as a Bond Girl . . . I felt like it was a cross between Harry Potter and James Bond. Quite a mix of genres!


Brooke said...

What great fun Adele. you looked beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Trisha said...

You look gorgeous, as always! It all looks like something out of a fairy tale!

Miss Megan said...

I remember being in Cambridge and thinking that it looked a lot like the Hogwarts movie set. *sigh* England! How I love it. And James Bond too. I LOVED Quantum of Solace...not quite as much as Casino Royale, but let's face it - parents with a toddler can't be choosy! Mike had the same complaint you did - not enough gadgets, and where were Q and Moneypenny? :) It looks like you had a fabulous night, and you looked absolutely marvelous dahhhhhling!

P.S. It's never too late to become a Twilighter!!!! :)