Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Photos from the Weekend

Sara (the lovely American girl I went around with this weekend) has this GREAT feature on her camera. It's essentially a filter that lets you choose what colour you want to allow to show through. We had fun :) I love taking photos, the goofier, the better. So here's a selection of photos:


jim said...

nice blog!

Miss Megan said...

Oh! Stratford and Warwick Castle! How I miss England! You lucky, lucky girl. P.S. I'm glad you're finally blogging again. I assume you got your computer fixed?

Adele said...

Ha ha!! Meg! Stratford-upon-Avon, darling. Not to be confused with any of the others, for example, Stratford in East London.

No. Computer still receiving marks of 'Does Not Play Well With Others'. I'm counting the days till Christmas and a visit from the Brother-In-Law Computer God. The real reason is . . . I have something interesting to say!