Saturday, 13 December 2008

I'd Like Another Week in My Day, Please!

I've been SO BUSY this last couple of . . . months. I just can't believe it. And this week has been no exception. In fact, it's been pretty much insanity. I had an all nighter, teaching (after not having slept!), Young Women's (more on that in a future post . . . I hope), YSA parties, Teaching, Cleaning, Teaching, Pampered Chef Party at my house, Teaching!!, collecting Essays from London, cleaning, packing, putting out small kitchen fires, cleaning up after small kitchen fires, another all nighter, PhDing, TEACHING!!, getting my house ready for the house sitters, Supervisory Meeting and a talk to prepare. No, I haven't done ANYTHING this week. Ha ha. I'm so tired, and there's really no point in going to bed now. It's just gone 7.00 am, and I have to be up for Church in 2 hours. That'd be worse than just toughing it out and sleeping tonight (that's another story, I'm staying at a friend's tonight, in London. Probably won't get much sleep. *sigh*) I honestly can't say when I've been this tired before. I'm sure I have been, but just at the moment, I can't think when. But on the up side, the house looks pretty darn good. I've finally got the office sorted. It's been begging for help since I moved in, pretty much. But I just never had the time/energy to devote to it. But with people coming to stay in the house, really kind of needed to get it finished up. The mural looks fabulous. Mum's brilliant! :D

I'd love to say, 'Off to bed, now'. . . but I'm not. Going to do some more cleaning/tidying. *sigh*

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Heather said...

Wow. You're going to feel like you're on vacation when you get to BYU! Hope you've had some rest in the past few days. Sleep deprivation is no picnic. I should know. ;)