Monday, 8 December 2008


That marathon marking essay? Yeah. An all nighter. AND I stayed up and taught a 2 hour class. It's now midnight. I still haven't slept. Think I'll go do that now. I really thought all nighters were the domain of the student! Not the lecturer!!


Coila said...

YIKES! Glad it's over now. On to the next adventure! :D

Word Verification= froses! haha!

Trisha said...

You crazy woman! I hope you got some sleep! Funny how our bodies just don't work well without it...the longest stretch I've done without sleep was 40 hours in college during final exams. The next longest stretch was the 46 hours I was up with a total of two hours of sleep I had in 15 minute increments (between contractions in early labor) for my 34 hour labor with Corban. The physical exertion made that second stretch worse by far, despite the stress I was under the first time--I slept for almost four days after he was born. Exhaustion does strange things to the human body! I hope you have the chance to take care of yourself very soon!

Adele said...

See... Trisha, this is yet more proof to me that I'm never having kids! :S Yeah, that doesn't sound like much fun. I did get some good sleep the last couple nights, but my exhaustion just isn't something that's going away after one (or even two) nights. This marathon sleepness factor was just the end result of a very busy term. I've sort of been really mean to my body all term.