Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Confused Weather!

It's the beginning of March. We've been having all sorts of strange weather around here. In fact, we'll go through pretty much the whole spectrum in a single day. Take these two photos, for example:

They were taken on the same day, out my office window! The first one was taken around 10 in the morning. The second, around 12 noon, last Friday. And then the next day, which was predicted for a snow storm, it was beautiful the whole day! And Sunday, too. Monday it was cloudy, but when I walked out of my 3.15 pm appointment, we'd had an inch of snow! And by the time I made it home (ok, so it was nigh on for 2 am!) it was several inches thick. In fact, it's still pretty white out there, though it's finally starting to warm up enough to melt. Yes, such is early spring in Utah!

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