Friday, 19 March 2010

Acting Like Animals

So, with Lois visiting, I wanted to do something kind of fun. I had thought of going down to Clacton and enjoying the coast.  Or, doing something else locally, but outdoors, since it was a sunny morning.  Had checked out Visit SouthEast England to get some ideas, and one of them was "Amazon World", which is a Zoo on the Isle of Wight.  So, I thought, Colchester has a Zoo!  We can go there!  Colchester's Zoo is great!!  So . . . after we had some lunch, Lois and I ran up to the Zoo.  The weather went a little sad on us, with a bit of rain before we headed out.  Fortunately, we didn't have any problems with the rain while we were out.  It was chilly, though.  But, the cool weather, Friday mid-day and March all kept the crowds down.  So we didn't have to fight to see any of the animals.  And, they were doing a lot, because it was cool!  Way fun.  We had excellent timing, too.  Without even trying :D  We just turned up and it was the right time!  Our two favourite activities:

Feeding the Elephant!
Feeding the Giraffes!


Veronica said...

Good thing I was lying down when watching the video! LOL How fun! We have an AWESOME zoo here in New Orleans!! I have a place you can "crash" if and when you come!! Continue to enjoy your visit and can't wait to see what else you gals do!!

Adele said...

Yeah, when Mom and Dad lived in MS, we would spend every Christmas Eve in NO. We LOVED the Zoo and the Aquarium there! I'd love to go back :D

The Kitch Family said...

What a fun day! My kids loved the pics and video. :) DanaMK

Jennifer - CEG said...

What a fun day - Giraffes are my Fav!!

Lanie Ree said...

Oh, this brings back memories of Binder Park Zoo, in Michigan. My mom would take us every summer, and we loved feeding the giraffes!