Monday, 22 March 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I just have to say.... I've LOVED having my sister here this week.  It was seriously the best possible birthday surprise I could have gotten.  I'd even said, when asked what I wanted for my birthday, that the only thing I wanted was her, here!  I didn't think it was possible then.  I'm so impressed with her powers of manipulation.  Grandma thought up the idea and payed for it.  Very kind of her.  And Lois did all the leg work to make it happen, including Facebook stalking my friends!  And, the whole week before she came she'd been giving little hints..... "So, Adele, Can I take you to Nando's for your birthdy?"  (Nando's being one of my favourite places to eat.  Peri-Peri chicken... um!)  Then saying she'd call me on my mobile, and we'd eat "together".  Ha ha... or, she'd just finished cleaning up the house (turns out it was in preperation for leaving that evening) and I jokingly say, "Great, you can come do mine next!"  She says, "I'll do it tomorrow!"  Ha ha ha ha... She thinks she's funny.  She made all sorts of comments like that!

Anyway, here's to 31!


Miss Beevers said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you had a splendid day!!! MWAH xxxx

Adele said...

Thanks, Bex! :D And... THANKS for the gorgeous Chocolate cookbook!

Miss Beevers said...

I knew you would!!!! You have NO idea how hard it was to locate!!! EVERYONE should have a copy of it!