Monday, 13 September 2010


As a missionary, my companions always laughed at me.  I'd get the call that I was going to be moving to a new area, and I'd start packing.  No problem.  I'd get 85-90% done.... and freak.  Why?  No idea.  I get overwhelmed by the last 10-15%.  Silly, true, but that's me!  And, true to form, I've got about 90% done for my move.... and I'm fighting a panic attack.  *breathe*


Jessie said...

You're nearly there, just a few more hours to go, so keep breathing! Sending a {hug}

CEG Jennifer said...

Just breathe and think of the little one waiting to meet you! YOU CAN DO THIS!

Adele said...

Thanks! It's only a minor panic attack. Haven't burst into tears (yet).