Monday, 27 September 2010

Data Crash!

So... I've been nursing my laptop along for the past year and a half... maybe even closer to 2 years, now.  It's been really wanting to roll over and play dead.  But, I have been doing all sorts to make it last as long as possible.  However, all things must come to an end.  And the end has come for my computer!  It has officially died.  This past week I went to turn it on one morning, and it said, "Nope.  I'm not playing."  It has refused to load ever since.  *sigh*  Fortunately, since I'm staying with my sister for the moment, I'm not without computer facilities.  However, I do miss the laptop mobility!  When my boxes arrive from the UK (fingers crossed for this week) I'll get my tiny laptop back.  It's not really a good substitute computer for me, but it works great for mobile internet! 

FORTUNATELY, I have everything backed up on both my external hard drive, and an internet backup service.  So, I'm good as far as my data goes!
So, since I have to replace my laptop, I figured, I might as well do it right.  So I've given my brother-in-law the specs on what I need, and he's come up with a plan of action.  He's going to build me one!  Yeay!  Once I find a place to live I'll be ordering my new computer parts.  So exciting!  Sad when the old one dies, but this new one will be SO much fun!


Veronica said...

Sometimes "New" IS better, it's just getting used to the idea.
Here's to praying your stuff arrives all at once and promptly!

Adele said...

Thanks, V!