Thursday, 23 December 2010

Did I Mention?

BYU (my undergrad Uni) has hired me again!  Remember when I popped my head into the Head of Dept's office, and he asked if I would do him a favour and teach his class?  Well, he also offered me a job for next term!  Wooo hoo!  I'll be teaching Intro to English Linguistics (which totally rocks because 1 - I've taught it before, 2 - It was the class I discovered Linguistics in, and 3 - It was the class that I met one of my dearest friends (Hi Coi!) in.  I've got a soft spot for that class.) and a 500 level course on Sociolinguistics (which is my area of expertise!) 

Sadly, that put paid to my plans for NYC for New Years and Boston for the following weekend of Blues Dancing *cry* But, the job is slightly more important.  I WILL come visit, Livia, CEG and Diana!  I do promise.  Just... not next weekend.


collettakay said...

Congrats! Have a Merry Christmas!!

Veronica said...

You'll have to let me know when you DO go! I can just "show" up like I did when Barbara came from Cali!! LOL
Merry Christmas my dear friend!! and congrats again for your new teaching gig!

CEG Jennifer said...

March is a MUCH better month to come to NY Anyway!!! Lots of Birthdays in that Month and hopefully a new house too! Oh and put me down for a night of dancing with you when you visit please!!

CEG Jennifer said...

PS. Congrats on the job! ;-)

Adele said...

V - you got it! That'd be awesome (besides, as my travel agent, you'll probably already know! *wink*)

Jenn - we'll try for March, then!