Saturday, 25 December 2010

Queen of the Kitchen

Every year, we're faced with the same dilemma... how does one dress for the Kitchen on Christmas Eve?  (Or Christmas Day, depending.)  Well, this year, I figured it out.  I grabbed my favourite jeans, a yummy green satin blouse, my red jumper, a red embroidered apron to keep me clean and.......


Yep!  I dressed up in my tiara!  I'd actually planned it the previous day, but I left it at home, accidentally.  So, when Dad went over to get Grandma at lunch time (Grandma's living with me for a few months whilst she goes through knee replacement surgeries), I had him pick up the box that I'd set on my table that morning.  He didn't know what was inside.  Just brought it over.  I just put it on, and didn't say anything.  At some point, someone, either Mom or Lois, came in the kitchen and said, "Are you wearing a Tiara?!?"  I smiled and said, "Yep!  I'm Queen of the Kitchen today!" 

Here I am, reigning over my domain:
Now, I usually do a lot of the cooking for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, this year I did a little extra, because my nephew was demanding lots of time from my sister.  So, we had a very royal house this week:

Queen of the Kitchen (Me)
The Little Emperor (My Nephew)
The Emperor's Slave (My Sister)

The Emperor even has a "Jade Throne".  It's one of those BebePods, and it's green, so when the subject of his being the Emperor came up, I just naturally named his Pod "The Jade Throne."  I wish I could post a few photos of him in his throne (he LOVES it), but I must defer to the Emperor's wishes (or at least his slave's wishes!)

Anyway, here's some more images from the Kitchen Realm:

 The finished product (Apple Pie) was absolutely divine!  I hate to brag, but I really am justified in proclaiming myself Queen of the Kitchen.  You've never had Turkey or Apple Pie til you've had my Turkey and Apple Pie!


Hyrum said...

Wait - you make a Turkey and Apple pie? That _does_ sound intriguing..... Just kidding. Sounds delicious!

Adele said...

LOL Thanks Hyrum. Nice to know I can still count on you to be difficult :)

Veronica said...

To quote Ryan, "I like pie." LOL
Seriously. He does! Better not tell him you make apple, for he'd be on the next plane out there!!

Adele said...

You know he's welcome any time. (I'll whip him into shape!)

Miss Megan said...

Work it, work it, work it domestic goddess!!!

Gardner Family said...

You making me want to cook an apple pie!
Looks delicious!
Las manzanitas es muy deliciousoso. (Do u love my spanglish?)
LOVE the tiara.
Say hello to slave Lois for me!