Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Another English Adventure

Over the years people have commented on my ability to laugh off the ridiculous, but minor (even when they seemed major at the time) inconveniences of live, especially with regards to travel. It stems from something my parents started when they moved to Mississippi. Now, keep in mind, we're NORTHERNERS all. Born and raised, except my mom. She's originally from New Mexico, so she's not a "Deep" Southerner. Not the same thing as a Southerner, at all. Anyway, we're none of us used to the Southern ways. That lead to a LOT of misunderstandings over their time in Mississippi. And then there were silly things like, getting lost in your new home town. They started calling these things "Mississippi Adventures". We've broadened the definition over the years, and now we have "Fill-In-The-Blank Adventures". Meaning, whenever something potentially annoying happens, or a cultural misunderstanding/clash occurs, we try to see it as an exotic adventure (even if it's in your own back yard.)

In my case, I'm having English Adventures.

Today, I somehow managed to miss my turn to get back to my friends' house from Manchester. I was going across the Peak District. Should take an hour. All the sudden I'm looking around going... how did I get here? This isn't Glossop! I'm not on the Snake Pass!!! What did I do? And I still have no idea, exactly. I know there's a round-about, and I must have taken the wrong junction off that. It's seriously the only thing I can think of. Because, it's seriously, STRAIGHT THROUGH TOWN to get to the right road. No problem!

So, instead of taking me just over an hour, it took me over TWO hours to get home! But hey... I saw a part of the Peaks I've never been to before. And, since I used to live in Sheffield, I knew how to get to my friends' house from just about anywhere in town. So I got here in the end. Just, with a litle adventure on the side.

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Veronica said...

I LOVE getting lost to find my way. It's the ONLY way to learn!