Friday, 15 July 2011

Garden Woes

Ooohft... Been sorting the back garden as well as the flooring and outdoor painting. Such fun. I've got a young man from church coming round to help several days/week. He's saving money for his mission (turns 19 in January) and I need a good strong back to help with all the digging and lifting. It's coming along. We've got the majority of the worst bits done, now.

We did 2 raised beds today. They look lovely. Maybe not 100% perfect placement, or evenly matched with depth, but certainly good enough, as my dad says, for government work. It's tidy, and that's the important part. We've got one more bed to sort. That bed's already in place, just needs some maintenance. When I say "just" I mean that it's going to be some digging and sweating to get it done.

Then, we've got to clear out some rubbish in the back corner, and the garden is pretty much done! Just needs the grass cutting every couple weeks. I've put out some new grass seed. We'll see how much comes up and how much the birds eat. But that means the grass won't get cut for 2-3 weeks, to give it a chance. There are, of course, loads of things that could be done, but that's another job for another day, and possibly another owner!

Here's the 1 bed that's completely done. The other bed needs some rock yet, and the 3rd bed needs shoring up, so it's a mess yet.

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