Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Never A Dull Moment

I had the craziest night last night. I'd made plans to go into London to say hi to a friend from the States who'd just arrived to London for the summer. And I'd arranged with a dance friend to meet at Dover Street Jazz Bar for some live music and dancing after dinner. The dinner was great, we had a grand time, and then dancing was fantastic. Up to this point, everything's going to plan. Around 11.30 I said I needed to head off to Liverpool Street to catch the train home. My friend was like, 'But the music's fabulous and the we don't get to dance together that often, stay. If you miss the last train home, you can crash at mine.' Since I didn't have anything in particular to do in the morning, I decided to stick around. Well, the band finished up about 30 minutes later, so I figured I'd rush to the station and catch the last train. My friend offered me a lift on his moterbike, so we got kitted up and headed out. Missed the train by about 3 minutes. Grrr. Not too much of a problem, though, because my friend had waited to make sure I didn't get stranded. Only problem was, I'd realised that my car was parked in the train station's carpark, and the parking permit would expire before I could get home, if I stayed the night. Not good. So my friend suggested that if I could put him up for the night, he'd take me all the way home. That would be fine, but it seemed a bit silly for him to drive all the way out to Colchester, and then back in the morning. So I suggested I just catch a coach to Stanstead Airport, from where I could catch another home to Colchester. So we had to figure out where the coach left from, and eventually found the right stop for the bus, and got on the coach. I eventually got home, at 5.00 in the morning! Got the car before the ticket expired, though! You know me, never a dull moment!

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