Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Seizing the Day on Planet Mithi

Visitors!! I love having visitors. And these ones were extra special. Mithi and Drew (whose wedding I attended in July) are 2 of my favourite people, ever. They're very playful, which is right up my alley. I know Mithi from my London dancing days (as in, Living and Dancing in London, not my current, Live in Colchester, Dance in London habits). It was so much fun having them come! For most of Sunday afternoon, we sat around my kitchen and garden, chilling out, Hoola Hooping, having dinner and talking. Drew knows a few Hooping Tricks, so he taught me how to do them. It was really funny. Mithi watched, laughed at me getting it wrong, took photos and dodged runaway Hoops! Then we went up to the Uni and fed the ducks and had a wander through the park-like grounds. We ended up back at mine, swapping music, talking, sharing crazy youtube videos and funny Internet sites til gone 1 in the morning, at which point we decided we really needed to crash. We all toddled off to our respective beds, Drew and Mithi being the first to sleep in my brand-new guest bed (delivered the previous Thursday!) Apparently it passed the test, because they say they slept great.

Monday morning I made cornbread waffely/pancakey things. I have this pan that has 7 little waffle shaped circles (6 around the perimeter, one in the centre) and it creates a waffle pattern on pancakes. It's really cute, and really yummy, too. After breakfast, we puttered around the house, figuring out what we'd need to do a couple of DIY projects. Then we went to every DIY store in Colchester, and found almost none of the bits we needed! I'm going to have to import them from the US (grumble grumble). But we did manage to get 2 mirrors hung. One in the guest bedroom, and one in the stairwell. So, that's two projects off my list. Somewhere in the middle of that we took a break and had gorgeous open-faced sandwiches (suggested by my fabulous sister, Lois). Then Drew took off for home. Yes. Just Drew. Mithi had to be in London today, so she stayed behind, because it's closer to get into London from my house than from hers. So we went down to the local crafty shop and wandered around. Mithi's an artist, so she had fun looking at the random things that are available here in Colchester, as opposed to there in Bristol. And we walked up to the Castle Park, and wandered around there for a bit. Finally, we ended up back near my house, at the local kid's park. It's got a physics jungle gym. We ended up watching the stars come out as we sat on this crazy net/swing. Then we came home and had dinner, and Strawberry Pavlova! With loads of strawberries and silly amounts of whipped double cream. Yum! We tried to get to bed reasonably early, but it was still well past 12 when we made it. Oops. We managed to get up around 6 this morning and get Mithi to the train station for 7.

Thanks to Drew and Mithi for the lovely visit!


littlemithi said...

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Thank you for a lovely time; and my packed lunch; and my early morning train station drop off :)

Lying on a swing at night, looking up at stars and wondering "Is that a star? Are _we_ moving or is _it_ moving???!?" is grrrrrrreat!

Adele said...

Sooooo true, Mithi! :-)