Monday, 17 August 2009

Through Your Eyes

Have you ever wondered what you looked like through someone else's eyes? I've often wondered, because it seems like whenever I see myself (either in the mirror or in a photo) whatever my worst feature is at that point (it varies from day to day and month to month) is all I can see. Like, if you've got a spot on your chin, it's all you can see, even though no one else even notices. Well, recently I saw a photo of myself from the summer of 2006, and all the sudden, it was like I was looking at a photo of someone else. I wasn't entirely objective (I don't think you can be, even if you're actually looking at a photo of someone else) but I wasn't nearly so critical as I have been. Maybe it's part of maturing. Or, maybe I was just so much closer to my perfect body weight that summer that I'm jealous now. Funny thing is, at the time, I actually couldn't see it. Gave me new insight into people with eating disorders. I've never been able to understand how someone as thin as various cadaverous Hollywood stars could look at themselves and see fat . . . and yet, I distinctly remember feeling like I wasn't thin that summer. But looking back, I was! I looked really good, not overly thin, just fit and shapely. It was an interesting experience. Hope I can keep that perspective (though considering I still feel like I'd really like to lose 5 pounds, I'm not holding my breath.)


English girl in NY - Jennifer said...

Yes. I do wonder what people see in me. and I have had those moments of clarity too. Some times I catch a glimpse of me in the mirror and think I see the real me, and then... poof. Gone - back to what I "see" in my head not the real me.

Miss Megan said...

It's interesting how my perspective of "beauty" has changed over the years. I have been watching the Tudors this week and all the women on there look like Kate Moss. I was thinking, if they wanted this thing to be historically accurate they would have put voluptuous women on there! I'm sorry but a girl who looks like she is starving is NOT CUTE. Sorry - just my rant. Yeah for soft feminine curves!!! (Of which I seem to have an abundance of)!

Adele said...

Megs, I totally agree! And for clarification, I wouldn't WANT to be that thin! But, a little off the hip wouldn't go amiss, either.