Tuesday, 4 August 2009


I love visitors. It's so fun! One of my students from BYU has been on a study abroad to London. So he emailed me and we met up for dinner one night in London. Then, last week he emailed and said they were going to be leaving for a week of travel before heading off home, and would I mind if he came to visit for the afternoon before they left? I said, of course come and visit! So he and his roommate from the programme came and hung out with me all afternoon. They arrived around 4.00, and we headed up to the castle, where we enjoyed the last hour of the museum. Then we ran back to my house and got stuff for crabbing on Mersea Island. When I suggested it, I figured we'd be there for half an hour, or so. No. We were there for an hour and a half! We had a ball. It was so much fun. There were all these cute kids with their families crabbing along side, and they were so friendly wanting to know how many crabs we'd got, showing us theirs, etc. The boys were very surprised by how much fun crabbing was, and kept saying how much fun they'd had and how pleased they were that they came out, rather than staying in London for their last day.

After crabbing, Jacob wanted to swim in the North Sea, just to say he'd done so, so Garret and I hung out for 5 minutes whilst Jacob had a quick dip. Then we packed up and went back to mine for an Indian take-away. I'd tried to choose things to do/eat that would be truly typically English, as opposed to stereotypically Hollywood myth English. And it sounded like the boys enjoyed! I hope they had as much fun as I did.

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