Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Baking Day

One of my very dearest friends in the entire world came to visit me this weekend! Jill lives up North, near Sheffield, where I used to live. We were in the same Ward (church congregation), which is how we met. She had to come down to London for a lecture (to do with her MA). Now, the trains are funny in this country. They stop running at very odd times. In this case, trains stop running from London to Sheffield around 7.00pm. That's a bit early, if you ask me, but they didn't. However, it meant that Jill couldn't get home on the Friday night, because the lecture didn't get out til after 8. Because I live just on the inside of the London commuter zone, trains run to Colchester til nearly 1.00am! So, she came to stay with me. Yeay! Friday evening we just sat and chatted. We don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, but we've got one of those easy friendships that you can pick up again at any point, and it's like you've never been apart. Saturday, when we got up, it was raining. Rainy days, to me, are Baking Days. Cakes and cookies turn out much better when the air's humid. So, we dug out all sorts of ingredients and made: brownies, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and baked bean/cheddar grilled sandwiches (for lunch). I know, the sandwiches sound odd. But they're really amazing! It's something she and I concocted together several years ago one day when I was round her house. They're really yummy, and perfect for a rainy day! It was awesome to see Jill. I really hated to drop her off at the station to go home in the afternoon. I miss hanging out with her every week.


Lanie Ree said...

Tell me more about these sandwiches. I might give them a try!

English girl in NY - Jennifer said...

Yes - more info on how to make the sandwiches please - baked beans (Heinz of course)are my fav!!!
I am guessing you grate the cheese mix in the beans and then make grilled sandwich as usual???

Adele said...


Baked beans (Yes, Jennifer, Heinz!)
Shredded Cheddar
Smidgen of butter (for optimal toasting)

That's it.

Spread a dollop of beans on the bread, add a bit of cheese (to taste). Butter the outside of the bread. I find it's best to use a sandwich maker to toast it, but you CAN do it on the stove top. It's just a little messier.