Wednesday, 7 October 2009

You Know It's A Terry Pratchett Book When . . .

As many of you are aware, I'm a huge Terry Pratchett . . . excuse me, Sir Terry Pratchett . . . fan. There are several Hallmarks of a Pratchett book. I just started reading the latest Diskworld, Unseen Academicals, and thought:

You know you're reading a Terry Pratchett book when
  1. It takes 4 paragraphs to finish the first sentence.
  2. There's a footnote in the footnote (and occasionally a footnote in the footnote in the footnote!)
And that was just reading the first sentence in the book!

I've also got a few for the 'You know you're a Pratchett Fan when . . .' list:
  1. You can pronounce Capitol Letters.
  2. You swear in Nac Mac Feegle.
  3. You have First Sight and Second Thoughts.
  4. You can translate Orangutan.
If anyone has any additional items for either list, PLEASE add them in the comments!