Thursday, 15 October 2009

When Ooops Doesn't Cover It

I think my Grandmother's least favourite word in the English Language was 'Ooops'. I remember as a teenager helping to redo her kitchen, and my Dad told my cousin to say 'oops,' so he did. And Grandma (in the other room) says, 'What?!?' It's one of those moments I'll never forget.

Anyway, I had an 'Ooops' moment today. Except, I'm not sure that 'oooops' quite covers it. I'd made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, and had put the cookie sheet into the sink to soak. I plugged the drain, and turned on the water, and made my mistake: left the room. I was sitting down working on my computer when all the sudden I realised I'd been hearing the sound of water, falling water, and loads of it. I jumped up and ran into the kitchen to turn off the water and assess the damage. Fortunately it was really just a bunch of water on the floor, and it cleaned up in a hurry. But it was an impressive mess!


English girl in NY - Jennifer said...

I think Oops covers that one! I have had some "dramatic" floods - this one is minor in comparison

Adele said...

Yeah, that's a good point. In fact, I had a much more exciting flood this summer. Left my back door open, and it started to rain. Pour, in fact. And I ended up with a whole lot of water in the whole kitchen.

Miss Megan said...

Just catching up on your blog! Lots of AMAZING pictures from your travels. Adele - you really are one of the luckiest girls I know! I love living vicariously through you! :)