Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Happy Birthday Jenny

The 9th of March was Jenny's 25th Birthday. So clearly we had to have a party. Her kitchen is in disarray, due to ongoing building works, so I offered to host the party here. We decided that if it was good weather, we'd do barbecue, and if it was horrible, we'd do pizzas. That way I didn't have to do much work or spend too much money to host a party. The day before I baked the cake. Spice cake with cream cheese icing. Somehow spice cake has never taken off over here, so everyone is always terribly impressed by it. I always hear, 'Oh, I don't like cake, it's too sweet' and aways say, 'Try this one.' And when they do, they say, 'Wow! This is like carrot cake!' which is the most similar type of cake to spice cake. It's way less sweet than the typical chocolate or vanilla sponge. But to be fair, the real reason for the success of my cakes is the icing. Cream Cheese Icing has got to be the most perfect food on earth.

During most of the week leading up to Jenny's birthday, the weather was bright and sunny. And of course, the day before, it starts to rain. And rain is obviously projected for the day of the party, as well. It wouldn't be England, otherwise! The day of the party, though, was reasonably bright. It was overcast, but not thickly so. We'd been hearing predictions for heavy showers, but nothing was materialising in our area. However, just as people started to arrive, with barbecuables in tow, it started to pour. Clearly someone, probably Achelous, has a warped sense of humour! Fortunately, though, the shower only lasted 5 minutes. It dried up and the sun came out. So we ended up having a lovely time.


Coila said...

Sounds like you had a great time, and that's a lovely cake! Would you be willing to share the Cream Cheese frosting recipe??

JB said...
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Anonymous said...

Hello :-)

It says you put this up on the 11th but I looked the other day and the page wsn't updated - probably my computers way of telling me I turned it on to work not read your blog!

I know I said it loads of times but thanks again for the party, it was great :-)

Love you!

PS 'barbecuables'...?? Is your new hobby adjectivising?! (and to think you have a problem with Claire and I verbing everything *tut tut*)