Wednesday, 14 May 2008


As in, the opposite of Progress.

The supply company, who I bought my cupboards etc . . . through? Sent the wrong doors and the wrong sink. Now, I couldn't tell before they got them up because they were all in boxes. The fitter couldn't tell, because the colour does match. Just not the style I ordered. See thing is . . . I ordered the colour because of the style. The doors I ordered had no little ledges to be catching dust and grime. These do. At the time I was ordering, the only colour that they made in that style was the walnut. Otherwise I'd have gone with the (lighter) cherry! So now I've got the style I didn't want with the disprefered colour. My fitter's having a word with them.

The sink's less of an issue. It was supposed to be a textured stainless steel. The one they sent is smooth. I'm not really fussed about it being textured or not, except that the reason I ordered the textured was because it hides scratches and waterspots. The bigger issue is, it's not what I ordered!

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Heather said...

Wow. How does one person have such bad luck getting what they paid for?? I hope the going gets a little smoother for you!