Monday, 12 May 2008

A Day in the Life!

As I type this, a couple of men are demolishing my kitchen. In fact, it was meant to be demolished earlier in the day. They were supposed to have gotten quiet a bit further along than they have today. It's not even their fault! Saturday their van broke down, and had to be towed in to a garage. They couldn't do anything about that till this morning. Of course. Then they had to rent a van. And go collect their tools. And then there was a problem with the splashback I'd ordered. I'd asked for a glass one, but in order to do that, you can't have any electrical outlets or windows. I have both. The fitter had notified B&Q back in March of the problem. B&Q had never got a hold of me. That means that I get a free upgrade on the splashback! :) But it meant I had to run around choosing colours and tiles etc . . . And then there was the snafu over the insulation for under the floor. I'd ordered it, B&Q forgot to put it on the bill, so of course they didn't send it. I had to go round and show them that the mistake was theirs, not mine, so they did actually owe me the insulation. Second trip to B&Q. Oh, and the University is right next to B&Q. So of course I had to go from Uni to my house and back out to B&Q ever time! Yep, owning your own house is quite an adventure!

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Heather said...

So in England they call a backsplash a "splashback"? Fascinating. You are sounding like quite the Brit, what with "go round," "colours," "Uni," and all. I'm sure you've got yourself a smashing accent by now! ;)