Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Mississippi Adventures

My folks live in Mississippi. They've been there for about 6 years. Every so often they send me a story about something that happened that wouldn't have happened anywhere else. We call these 'Mississippi Adventures'.

One day I got this photo in my email inbox:Yes, my dad's hilarious. (Actually, that's true.) They often get green little lizards in the house, and they have to catch them and kick them outside. This one got confused, and thought Dad was a threat. I've had the same thing happen, it doesn't hurt. In fact, you can barely feel it at all.

But SOMEONE out there obviously lives in Mississippi, too. And has far too much time on their hands. This is their version of the same sort of thing:
humorous pictures

Most worryingly? I thought it was even funnier this way! (For those of you who don't know, Geico is an car insurance company in the states. For years they've used a gecko in their -- very funny -- advertisements.)

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