Wednesday, 17 September 2008

First Day Of New Job

Tomorrow afternoon I head into London to find out what, exactly, I've got myself into. I'm very excited, but also a bit nervous. I won't actually be doing any teaching tomorrow. Just filling in paperwork and getting set up on the computer system. That sort of thing. But one of the crazy things I realised was: I'll be getting a University ID from a Uni that I wasn't, in fact, a student at! Oh how exciting :D And not only that, I'll have 3 University IDs that all work at the same time! How wild is that? How many people in the world can say that???? Feeling pretty cool right now.


Coila said...

Wow. You are pretty cool, check you out!

Anonymous said...

Could I be any more proud of you???

uuuuummmmm...NO! Way to go girl!

Love Mom
P.S. you no longer have to walk on the opposite side of the street from me.