Thursday, 25 September 2008

Love Your Blog!

Hey! I was nominated by Leah over at The Traveling Gardner Family as on of her favourite blogs! Oh I feel the love! Thanks Leah!

The rules are: pick 7 blogs you stock that you'd like to send a bit of love to. So my 7 picks (oh this is hard) are:

  1. Coila's It's My Life
  2. Heather's Litter of Leaves (these two -- Coi's and Heather's -- are what started me blogging)
  3. Miss Meg's Cupcake Chowder (LOVE LOVE LOVE the quirky nature of her topics!)
  4. Mithi's Creative Journey (This woman has talent streaming out of her fingertips, toes, ears . . . everything!)
  5. Mark's Roaming Cavetroll (not exactly a blog, but might as well be!)
  6. Melissa's Snyder Family (Oh by the way, I'm having log in issues. Can you resend me an invite, to my google account? Thanks!)
  7. Hyrum's Hyacynth Mills
There are loads of other's I'd totally loved to have included (Mel, if you had anything IN your blog, it would be on this list!), but I had to narrow it down to 7. Ok, tag, you're it!


Miss Megan said...

Oh my goodness! I'm tickled that you would use the words "quirky" and "LOVE" (in big capital letters no less) to describe the baby that is my blog! I'm just glad that I'm putting something out there to the universe that someone else is enjoying. Right back at ya babe!

littlemithi said...

Ahahahaha ... the talent leaks, and then there's nothing left!

mel said...

LOL - Thanks for the mention - I will have to get my act together! heehee!

Hyrum said...

You're so awesome! We love you too. Too bad AT&T keeps changing the address - it's hard to keep up.

Snyder Family said...

Thanks for mentiong my blog. That makes me feel good. Someone is trying to read my blog. YES, I will resend you an invitation.
Love ya

Heather said...

Wow. You go and send me blog love and I don't even know about it until now. I guess I've been a wee bit preoccupied of late, what with giving birth and having a newborn about and all... :) Anyway, I'll be sure to pass the love along as soon as I get a chance!